Spring Cleaning Your Roof

This winter season coming to a close signifies the new beginning as springtime is just around the corner. The harsh weather, cold temperatures, and longer nights are coming to an end and now what? What happens to make you look at your home inside and out determining to spring clean? What makes you look at the covering of your home, the roof and realize it needs some love as well? Cleaning, maintaining, repairing or if need be replacing items from the basement to roof are necessary considerations that need to be made as part of that spring cleaning project. Take heed to what you see, know or even sense occurring on top. The roof is as important or even more so than other maintenance you would consider as it is the most important protection from the elements and support of the home.

Sunny Days now What

Spring cleaning your roof may seem like a daunting task at first but with a little research and planning it may be less challenging than you imagine. Depending on its age and how harsh the winter season has truly been will determine just how much needs to be put in to repair or preventative maintenance. Even if the roof is rather new it is best to still do some cleaning every season especially following winter.

The Deal with Debris

From rain, snow, wind and even sun litter, garbage or pieces of fragmented material will be found settled in on the roof. It is the closest to all that would come in contact to the structure of the home first and foremost. It fills every crevice and cranny on it’s surface so dealing with debris is your first line of defense in protection or roof repair. Build up from this can lead to costly repairs that can be avoidable. So those fallen leaves, dust, dirt and rocks require proper cleaning that can be and should be done twice a year. It can be a diy project with ladder, gloves, and bag or bucket to hold retrievable debris. You can remove garbage by flushing out gutters with a handy water hose. Check downspout for clogs and it is a good idea to use water to clear and clean this out for proper future drainage. Now it is time to finish if off with a good pressure wash.

If the job is too complicated or overwhelming then it is best to hire some of the top roofing companies or roofing contractors to do a professional and thorough job. Roofers can take the guess work out of finding defects in the roof while addressing overall maintenance needs. They have the expertise to increase the lifespan of your roof for many years to come.

Edges and more

The edges and corners of any roof may be the first thing you notice when looking at the roof from below. Crooked or missing shingles can be an eyesore first and a problem that leads to issues later. When cleaning the edges it may be easy to repair or in some cases actually replace the shingle and a roofer can do the job quickly.

One of the best options to deal with the winter mildew, mold or unsightly growth due to overgrown or less maintained trees due to the deluge of rain and snow that can cause damage is a deep and concentrated wash. This may or may not include pressure washing be cautious as the jury is out on its effectiveness. Many swear by it while others say it is not necessary. In this case a professional company may hold the key and answer here. Professional eyes that know what to look for and how to repair, or at least minimize cost is never a bad option.

A healthy roof is a healthy home and there are a few things to recap or check list and they are the following:

Interior structural signs-

Exterior structural components-chimney, vents, pipes

Expansion Joints-check for gaps, tears, etc

Surface cleanliness-aging signs such as peeling, rust, bent elements

Roof surface-standing water, tiles/shingles

If the list is taken care of your roof will be too. It will save time, money and stress that can arise from any roof surprises. Looking ahead to spring should be a good thing that is also that for your home and roof. The roof is the crowning glory of the home bringing you years of protection and be an asset when or if you are deciding to sell the home. So clean away the roof it is springtime.